What to look for when booking a photographer:

Alright, it's that time and you're needing a photographer for one reason or another, yet you're unsure who to go with. There are so many photographers out there now a days and it can be pretty difficult deciding who you want to capture this moment in your life. We've written this blog as a way to help you decide!

When looking for a photographer:

  1. Expectations. Know what you are expecting to get with your session. Do you want prints, digitals, how much time, etc. By having an idea in mind on what you're wanting out of your session, it will help decide on which photographer to go with.
  2. Style. Have an idea on the kind of style you are wanting. Most photographers have established a style, some can do more than 1 style to accommodate more. Look at portfolios and try to figure out which style you'd like for your photos, and find a photographer who best matches that style.
  3. Reviews, Portfolio and Consistency. Check out their social media. Facebook, instagram, website. It helps you see if their work is consistent and if they've done the type of session you're looking for. You want someone who not only has experience with photography in general, but in that specific photography type you're looking for.
  4. Legitimate Business. When you're looking to hire a photographer, like with anything else, you want to make sure they are a legitimate business. A legal photographer shows that they take their job seriously. A legitimate business should also carry business insurance. Insurance covers the photographer against equipment damages, theft, etc, but more importantly, it provides liability protection for you and whoever else in your party that will be photographed.
  5. A Contract. If there is no contract to sign, and money is being exchanged, think twice. A contract protects the photographer, you and your hard earned money, and hold both parties liable. We make sure that no money is exchanged, and no session takes place without a contract.
  6. Persona. Do you think you'll mesh well with the photographer you're considering on hiring? Think of the kind of person you would like to work with, the kind of professional you would like handling your session, and feel them out through their social media and conversation. You want a photographer who you can have a good relationship with.
  7. Privacy and Confidentiality. If you are someone who doesn't like your photos on social media, or are worried about who may see your photos (whether its a family session or an intimate boudoir session), make sure your photographer takes confidentiality seriously. Some photographers post what they want to and some photographers send their work out to be edited, all resulting in the chance for other people to see your photos. We edit all our own photos, and do not post anything, anywhere, without written permission. Your privacy is our #1 concern.
  8. Ask Questions. If you have questions, whether they be about the packages, editing, any additional fees, how the sessions work, anything. ASK THEM. You want to be as informed as possible. A photographer should have no problem making sure their client knows what they're getting and what to expect. There are no "dumb" questions. We are happy to talk with you, or meet in person for a consultation to go over any questions you may have.
  9. Reviews and Referrals. Like with anything, check out their reviews and ask you friends and family if they've heard of or like the photographer you're looking at. It's nice to know what others think, how their experience was and if there is anything negative about the person you're looking to hire.
  10. Trust. In the end your photographer should be someone you like and trust. You should trust your photographer to be committed to your session from start to finish. Someone who can create a vision (or the vision you're wanting), has the knowledge and talent to execute that vision and give you the quality and professional work you are wanting and deserve.
  11. *additional tip* once you find the photographer that fits for you, and that you love, STICK WITH THEM! You want someone to grow with you.